image-2A modern scene to scene in Romania mari.Singura applications ranging from Litec Alusfera.Pentru dumneavoasta event to perform on a stage in step with modern international trends, which offer latest technology Litec. Alusfera find new generation of stage 2 is the LIBRA with an impressive swing and high load capacity. With an aperture of 24 meters and a height of 10 m this stage requires that the class leader for events organized by cultural institutions and organizations showbiz.Evenimentele top that was used have confirmation of the event and its impact on their highlighted in the current market, the importance of the event image. A solid structure with an impressive performance that propels to the Your event at a higher level.


New Alusfera 2 has better performance than the previous version. The changes resulted in a new front spring, a ridge, again, the addition of a spring back, the back, a new solution to solve the main arcs to ground, as an alternative to setting up the structure. This new exposure limits Maps makes it easy to set and increase load capacity.




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