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  Prodance offers 3 possible Litec Double Pitch Roofing. Solid structure high security products, a market leader with rich experience.


Double Pitch 8 x 6

Double Pitch 10 x 12

Double Pitch 12 x 14 m



 These structures can be assembled without electrical components. Wholesale is well known Towerlift 3 and the entire system can be raised up to 10 meters above the ground. Versions with spans up to 10 m perform high load, the decrease in the case of 12-meter spans.
This line was created structures according to standards EN 1991 - Eurocode 1, EN 1999 Eurocode 9, EN 13814, EN 13782, DIN 4112, DIN 4113-1, DIN 4113-2 and DIN 4113-1/A1.